Woman of Peace

Woman of Peace

M writes:

There is a “woman of peace” on our island who lives in a town where there is no B– church, and she is the only Christian in her neighborhood?  Well, we’ve now had two Bible studies in her home, and just today two of the members prayed to receive Jesus into their hearts!  We have prayed for M and her neighborhood, for 9 months.  God has begun a new work in this little town, and we are rejoicing.  We will be meeting in M’s home for Bible study every week.  Five people attended today (apart from us), and three couldn’t read at all.  Because we are still learning the local language, M translates for us. We are thankful, but her English is poor, and we wonder how well she is translating.  This is just a reminder to us that we must learn this local language well

Will you pray for our language learning

Will you also continue to pray for this new Bible study, that much fruit would come from this small group? 

Pray also for the two new converts, J and B, that they would grow daily in the Lord.

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