Remember our “Big Fish” story?  Well, we’ll call him S, and he’s actually a very little man with a big heart.  F has now begun to teach and disciple him.  This is our first known convert on the island, and we are just rejoicing in God’s work in this man’s life.  He came to our church for the first time this past Sunday, and had to ask beforehand, “What is a church?”  We are constantly being reminded here how little the name of Jesus is heard and taught.  He loves to sing, and enjoyed being in a group of Christian believers singing and learning God’s Word.  As I looked over at S in church, I was overcome with tears.  GOD HAS DONE A NEW WORK IN THIS MAN”S LIFE, AND HE’S ALLOWED US TO BE A PART OF  IT.  That reality really touched me. 

F will continue to disciple S every week, and we are praying that much fruit comes from this man’s life. 

Will you continue to pray for him?


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