Showing love & Sharing Christ in Section 19

Showing love & Sharing Christ in Section 19

From Barbara & Wayne:

Section 19 is an informal settlement surrounded by fields of sugar cane. Vuvulane church ladies had shared about a ‘gogo’ (grandmother) whom a couple of the ladies had been caring for. They reported she was very sick and in need of one of the In-Home Health Care Kits from Baptist Global Response. We took the ‘bucket’ one morning with 3 ladies from church. We found gogo in a lot of pain and learned she had in the past few days gone to our regional hospital and was told she had cancer and needed an operation in Mbabane. She had no money to go and no one to look after her at the hospital after she had surgery. Pray for these needs to be met. While spending about 45 minutes with her we shared the gospel and prayed with her. ( )

May 30 – Summer missionaries will arrive in Swaziland and begin orientation before going to their homesteads on June 2.  Please pray for safe travels to Swaziland and that their time would be a blessing to those they encounter.  They will be sharing the message of True Love Waits in schools.


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