Durban, South Africa

Durban, South Africa

W and S are meeting with a young couple every Wednesday evening for discipleship and encouragement.  M (the husband) is a believer from a Muslim background and C (his wife) has been a believer for several years and is a youth leader in her church.  M has had difficulty in finding a job since his decision to follow Christ has become known among his family and friends.  Pray that he would find steady employment and that he would also have opportunities and the courage to share his faith, especially with Muslims.

Continue to pray for Umhlanga Baptist Church as they have stepped out on faith by having 2 worship services.  Pray against negativity.  Pray for God to bring in the people to worship and seekers wanting to know Him.  Two services mean that many will have to do “double duty”.  Pray that they would not grow weary but would continue to be excited.

Durban is a large port city, thus many ships lie off the coast with men aboard from countries all around the world.  Paul has a ship ministry in which a small boat is taken out and he is able to send items up on the ships. There have been times when he has been given permission to board and give out Bibles or other literature.  Small shoe boxes have been prepared with items inside as gifts for the shipmen’s wives.  Pray God will use the words, literature, Bibles and gifts for not only the sailors and their families, but that God’s love would spread to these foreign countries as well.

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