The Boy Left Behind

The Boy Left Behind

Todd & Deborah share about a 12-year-old boy whose family had saved money for him to accompany his brothers to the national Easter services. When a relative did not arrive to care for a sick nephew in the home, the family decided this 12-year-old boy must stay behind to care for his sick nephew. Todd desired to use it as an opportunity to talk with him and hopefully guide him a step closer to Biblical manhood. Todd took him to KFC (a real treat for this 12 year old boy which brought a huge smile from him and his mother) and they had their talk about being a Godly man. It was an experience neither would forget.

May 5 and 26:  Todd and Deborah lead youth and women’s meetings at Big Bend Baptist Church.  Please pray for wisdom in their teaching.

Pray for Barbara of the Swazi Team, as she leads two regional ladies retreats:

  1. 10-12 May – Shiselweni Association Ladies Retreat .
  2. 17-19 May – Lubombo North Association Ladies Retreat .

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