Prayer & Fasting

Prayer & Fasting

Unreached People Groups are often unreached simply because they’re hard to reach! Sometimes this is because their country makes it very challenging for outsiders to live there. Below is a request from one family called to live and share Christ among the “H” people group. Nearly 1 year ago, they started the process for a work permit, and still they are waiting… WILL YOU PRAY???

“Kaylan & Jonathon” write

Can I start off by being honest and admit that I don’t like to fast. Fasting wouldn’t be so hard except the whole “not eating” thing!  As much as I would prefer it not to be, fasting is a Biblical idea, and yes, command. During our mission meeting as we met with our supervisors, we felt like our work permit issue was one of those spiritual strongholds that is going to take prayer and fasting to break. So it is not a flippant decision to ask you to consider fasting with us.

If you decide to join us in fasting, you and the Lord can decide what it will look like for you. You may decide to fast for a day or two with only liquids. It may be that you want to fast from sunrise to sunset for a day, week or month. You may choose to fast from certain types of foods or skip a meal and use that time to take this before the Lord in prayer.

Why does the Lord work through prayer and fasting? Honestly, I’m not sure. But somehow that is how He in His infinite wisdom chooses to work. Let me be clear, we are not fasting to manipulate God. We are not going on a hunger strike to get our way. We are asking you to consider fasting because we desperately want to hear from the Lord. We are asking you to fast because we desperately want the H-people group to be reached with the Gospel message.

We realize the sacrifice we are asking you to make in fasting with us. If you are physically able, we hope you will prayerfully consider this. Of course, if you are physically unable or don’t feel led to join with us in fasting we hope you will still prayer.

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