“Are you up for a challenge?”

“Are you up for a challenge?”

Katy writes:

We challenge you to pray every Wednesday evening at church meetings, at home, wherever you are, for a group of  ~30-40 ladies who gather every Thursday morning to study the Qu’ran and the ways of Islam

John Piper says that the gospel is the Holy Spirit’s spear to pierce a dark heart, and that’s exactly what these ladies who are walking in the pharisaical darkness of Islam need. 

~  Pray for opportunities for workers to share the hope of the gospel. 

~  Pray that these ladies’ hearts would be unsatisfied with what they hear and all the regulations they have to perform, and that they would crave something deeper. 

~  Pray that God would reveal himself and his son Jesus specifically to each lady through dreams and visions. 

 Are you up for it?

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