40/40 Training

40/40 Training

40/40 is an orientation program for new missionaries coming to Africa. 

It is different from most programs in that it is not just a head knowledge that you receive.  Every day the participants are out in the compounds, markets, streets, or villages with an African helper, meeting with other Africans and asking them questions to learn about culture.  So, yes, they receive the head knowledge but then they get to go out and hear directly from Africans.  Africa is the classroom! 

8 units from our Two Oceans cluster began this 40/40 training yesterday. Some are unmarried, some are families. Children and adults alike will be learners.

PRAY – for positive attitudes of all participants. Hearts ready to learn. Ability to adapt to being out of their comfort zone.

PRAY – for physical health and safety.

PRAY – for all leaders and support workers that make 40/40 such a marvelous event.

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