JESUS film in Mahamasina village

JESUS film in Mahamasina village


We will be showing the JESUS Film in the local dialect in the village of Mahamasina. We will show the first half on Friday night and the 2nd half on Saturday night. We will have a short preaching time and an invitation to respond. For those of you in the U.S., we are 9 hours ahead of central time so if you pray around 10am that will be when we are starting. Please pray on Friday and on Saturday. We have advertised this on the radio station with the hopes that people even beyond Mahamasina will travel to see it. This is an area that has no power and of course no TV so showing a film can be a big draw.

1.  Please pray for the power of God to be evident there and that the Lord would shine His light in people’s hearts.

2.  Pray for conviction of sin and conviction that Jesus in the one and only Savior.

3.  Pray that many would trust Jesus as their Lord and be radically born again.


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