Cyclone Irina & Swaziland

Cyclone Irina & Swaziland

Swaziland is in the path of Cyclone Irina.

Right now the wind is blowing and we are just waiting for the rain to start.  We are to have three days of heavy rain.  Our volunteer team is leaving for Jo’burg this morning (instead of Monday as scheduled) to avoid being delayed for their flight on Monday.  Wayne will check later this morning to see if the revival tent is still standing and a decision will be made concerning continuing with revival services this evening.  It all depends on when the rain starts!!  Due to uncertainty of the situation, the children’s Bible study scheduled for this afternoon has been rescheduled for next Saturday.


1. Pray the situation will not be as dire as predicted.  Pray Swazis will prepare for three days of very heavy rains without the loss of life or destruction of homes.

2. Pray the volunteer team will not experience any problems with the weather or roads as they make the 6 hour drive to Jo’burg, South Africa today.

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  1. we believe that there is no situation that God cannot control. He stopped the wind on jis way to Galilee. the bible says in philipians 2v 9-10 his name was exalted to the highest places and above all names . through the name of Jesus all knees should bow in heaven in earth and under the earth. Cyclone I rina shall bow down in the name of Jesus. it shall not prevail against the name of jesus. You cyclone Iran i command you in the name of Jesus be shall confess that Jesus christ is Lord as God has commandedevery tongue to confess that jesus Christ is Lord.Therefore , if every tongue confesses that Jesus is Lord it means that it shall take the command of jesus christ.therefore my bortherend please call upon the name of Jesus over this storm it will go back to to the sea where it belongs in Jesus name.

  2. We all stand united in prayer against this possible disaster.We serve a Mighty God who can change and turn events.”When my children call upon me in the day of trouble they will be delivered”Ps91

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