Challenges of Life

Challenges of Life

Serving in another culture requires patience, creativity, openness to new things and a willingness to learn & love people different from yourself.  Living in some cultures requires increased sensitivity. J & D’s family depend upon common daily connections to make acquaintances, build relationships and share the love of Christ. 

One child attends class with children from 4 continents and 7 countries. One child homeschools and battles with loneliness. Another child has begun college in the U.S., her ‘homeland’ – yet, it’s evident that even there, she doesn’t ‘fit’ perfectly.

It’s challenging to get out of our comfort zone and build relationships with people of another culture. Things like horse-riding, swimming and school activities offer ample opportunities to trust Christ to bring people who need Him across our paths. 

PRAY for a daily trust in God’s presence and the Holy Spirit’s guidance for J, D and their children.

PRAY for eyes to see those God’s puts in their path, hearts ready to love and lips ready to share Jesus.

PRAY for safety and God’s providence for all their needs.

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