2012 is here!

  • PRAY for Beginnings in progress for some Two Oceans Cluster missionaries…

New languages

  • – Pray for these folks as they continue to acquire these skills to minister in rural villages & small towns.   
  •           Doug, Nathan, Adam & Suzie, Steve & Nickolee on the SW Mada team 
  •           Adam & April on Team NoMad

New environments 

  • – Pray for Robin & Charles on the Durban team
  • – Pray for D & H serving in the Last Frontier

New challenges

  • – Pray for Last Frontier workers needing work permits to reach their people groups.
  • – Pray for solutions to overcome very poor road conditions that have been a barrier to reaching some people groups.
  • – Pray for FBC Orlando as they work to Embrace & Engage the Antemoro people of SE Madagascar.

Thank you for PRAYING for us all in 2012!!


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