WHO are you praying to?

WHO are you praying to?

“Who are you praying to?”  That’s the question M was asked a few days ago. We had met others for lunch at one of our favorite restaurants.  Our food was served, and we all held hands and prayed for our Father’s blessing on our food and our day. Immediately after we prayed, M had to go to the bathroom which is located up some stairs. On the way, the manager, S, asked if he could speak with her in private. He asked, “Who are you pr-ying to?”. M explained that we’re praying to Jesus Christ, and was met by a blank stare. She explained further, that we are Christians and we pray to Jesus. He said he’d never heard of that religion and would like to learn more. M and F went out to the car and picked up a Gospel Tract. F walked through the plan of salvation spelled out in the tract and asked if he would like to pray to receive Jesus Christ. He declined and said he wanted to read through the material; and so I said I would bring him something else to read when we came back. They began to pray for S daily.  

Then a few days later I went fishing. I had lost one fish and caught a few really small ones that I threw back in the water. I was fishing around a local dam, and was getting ready to head home.  Walking along the dam-wall, I prayed out loud that Our Father would allow me to catch at least one “keeper” so that I could take a fish home for supper. M also had written in her prayer journal that she prayed the Lord would help me catch a “good fish”.  I fished for about another 30 minutes without as much as a bite. I climbed back in the car and headed home. As I drove around one corner, I noticed someone was trying to call me. It was S!

He said, “F, when are you coming back? I am ready to learn more.”  I asked if he had read the tract and he said, “Yes – and I want to talk about that”.  I told him I would probably be in the area in a few days and would bring him some more material.

When I shared the story with M, it dawned on us that The Father had answered my prayer when I was fishing. Only The Father wanted to remind M and I that we’re to be “fishers-of-men”, and that the Lord had just brought me a much better catch than any fish could be.

We immediately gathered more materials and headed straight to the restaurant and found S.  I told him that I had the material to give him. With a big smile on his face he said, “Thank God!”  I asked if we could go over the material in detail, but he said he couldn’t because he had just started his shift and the restaurant was extremely busy. Before I gave him the materials, I asked if he had prayed to receive Christ.

He said, “Yes, I prayed what was in the booklet (tract) you gave me. But F, I need to meet with you… I want to know more….. I want to know about everything in that tract…. I have so many questions.”

I told him he was now part of the family of God and that he was now my brother in Christ. He looked at me blankly (I was using terms he did not understand). I asked when we could meet to talk in detail. His day off is Monday, and he wants to meet with me.

Pray for wisdom for us as we begin to disciple this new believer; and pray especially for S as he begins this journey of faith. We are so thankful to each of you for your prayers and your support. M and I are SOOOO thankful to The Father for this new believer and for His work in bringing S to this point. We were simply available to God and his plans and we feel blessed to be a part of God’s work on this small island. We are reminded daily that this country is a very dark place and yet people are watching us as we go about our normal activities, which provides us with plenty of opportunities to share the Good News of the Gospel. 

M & F

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