We’ve been without power for ~32 of the last 72 hours. Most of those electricity-less moments have been at night–usually all night. It’s not a huge deal except that the nights are now ~ 90 degrees with no breeze. Last night I was praying (which happens a lot when you feel like you’re sweating to death) when I was reminded of a picture in an old devotional. It’s Scottie Pippen throwing down a monster jam with Philippians 4:13 scrawled to the side:

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

You almost never hear the earlier part of that passage that reads,

“I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content.”

You really feel the weight of those words when you’re being baked. But I’ll tell you, I felt a lot better after that.

So many are ready to proclaim how God has empowered them, what He does for them. Far fewer of us are ready to shout out what we have done, or are doing, for God. Perhaps because we have very little to say.

You may not have 90 degree nights where you are but you do have things that challenge your comfort and stand in the way of your mission (Great Commission). I was never (in the States) truly comfortable walking up to a person and sharing about Jesus with them, I was never content until I did.

There is often a schism between comfort and contentment. Contentment arises, I think, not out of a sense of comfort but out of identity. Our truest sense of identity is found only with Jesus, and I’m sure He identifies with our sufferings. James said we could “count it a joy” to suffer for the sake of Christ. Man, that guy. What was he thinking? He can’t be right. Right? Unless of course we really can do all things through Christ. Do you feel that? It’s the power of Christ running through your veins–and it’s not getting shut off anytime soon . . . or ever.

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