Madagascar Volunteer Trip

Madagascar Volunteer Trip

 Five volunteers from Mooreland set their feet in Madagascar for the first time. They came to serve alongside us here as we partnered with a small Baptist church in the East to help start a new church in the larger adjacent town. What a joy to have friends from home come be part of your lives on the field! We traveled for 9 hours by car and taxibus over roads that shook your bones to the town of “MC”. During the time, outreach was done in the community through a dental clinic, flag football seminar, youth events, children events, and nightly films. The church allowed the team along with our translators to stay in their rustic church building while daily making the trek 3 km into town. 

During the 5 days, many decisions were made for Christ and contacts were made for the new church start. A home Bible study is now meeting in the town. For our family to have the chance to go minister together before 2 of our kids left Mada was a huge blessing. Thank you Mooreland for coming! Volunteers will continue to be a part of our strategy to reach Madagascar and now that we have teams closer to many locations we want to reach, it makes hosting teams more feasible. Pray for wisdom in how to use volunteers to help reach the lost of Madagascar.

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