What a great day! We want to share with everyone our joy of seeing a believer choose to follow in obedience and be baptised.


This is a big thing. We are definitely thankful for this event and pray that those who saw and also heard this testimony might be spurred to obedience as well.

“L” came to Christ through the witness of our Adventurers, Cara, Heather, and M. We have heard several great testimonies of how the Holy Spirit is working in her life since she was saved. Over the last few months especially, we have seen great advances in her faith and God’s work in her life.

After hearing a simple reminder that we should all be sharing our faith, L began to share her faith with others. We can see two people that she had shared with, one of which we can confirm has believed and another who is struggling with belief due to her Catholic faith. We are so encouraged with L’s boldness to share her faith. Pray for her as we share more tools for her to use and teach others how to share the Gospel.

Back to the baptism. L has been teetering on the fence for several months, but finally felt she could wait no longer. She chose to be baptized in sight of a village that she wants God to work in. Praise the Lord!

L gave her testimony to the people who came, and I baptized her. Then I gave a short Gospel presentation. One adult lady was all that gave feedback, and she simply confirmed that everyone believed already, and that she was Lutheran. After the presentation, we entered the village and visited with a sick woman for a while and then returned home.

While I miss friends and family on holidays especially, this was truly a blessed Thanksgiving.

Here is L leaping with joy after baptism. She’s exclaiming, “Hallelujah! Jesus is alive!”.


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