A Hard Life

A Hard Life

Life is hard for many of the Northern Cape Coloureds.  “H” is an example of what is happening to a lot of the people. She still has 2 teens of her own at home. Two of her grown children have died, and she now has 5 grandchildren also living with her. She, her husband, and the 7 children live in a house about 20 feet by 20 feet that is made of old used corrugated metal nailed to poles. She is old and tired but has the children to take care of. She cooks in a small room in the house. She washes outside in a tub after the water is carried from a community tap about 100 yards away.

Pray for H as she tries to take care of her family in the hard circumstances. Pray for her that she will depend on Jesus since she has accepted Him as her personal Savior.

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