Partners and Pioneers

Partners and Pioneers

In His teachings the islands will put their hope. Isaiah 42:4

Tessa of SW Mada team writes:  I’ve realized this last week how richly blessed I am in partners in the Gospel here. There is one Malagasy couple, and a few youth girls and guys from our churches here who I work with often . . . and they amaze me! The couple are self-sacrificing pioneers, with a truly God-given call and wisdom for the people group they work with. The youth are servant-hearted, truly supporting me in spite of my inadequate use of their language, and limited understanding of their culture. Over the last year, as I’ve gotten to know these people, I can see tangibly how our actual understanding of each other’s speech has increased—we understand one another better linguistically. At the same time, it seems there’s been a deeper heart-knitting, so that we really see how to work alongside one another . . . only God could form these partnerships!


–         PRAY for Tom and I’s trip to the forest the first week of December, that God would continue to lead us in His plan for these villages – Acts 12:24.

–         PRAY that those in the forest will submit to Jesus Christ alone.

–         PRAY that believers will be protected against spiritual warfare and persecution in their villages.

–         PRAY that Jesus would continue to use believers in the forest to spread His fragrance in dark places.

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