Will We Be Found Faithful?

Will We Be Found Faithful?
David & Julie write: We’re coming home to the USA soon for a brief, two-month time of rest and rejuvenation. Without a doubt this term has been our most difficult and challenging. World News tells us we are not the only ones going through difficult situations, and we know that many of you are too. We have faced medical challenges and ministry challenges as well. Two of our ministry leaders passed away, another is relocating, one church building burned and it’s pastor’s house burned down as well. Many believers have faced serious illnesses. Many unbelievers just no longer want to hear about God’s Good News. Our part of South Africa seems to be getting spiritually “darker”.
As we reflect on all this, God has reminded us that “he is looking for those who are faithful”. Faithfulness is evidenced only when one has been through the fires and valleys and stuck with God anyway! In the midst of our challenges, God has remained faithful to us. We’ve seen a vibrant church planted this term, many men and women trained to teach the Bible to others and evidences of faithfulness in those we call our brothers and sisters here in South Africa. As we, and others, depend solely on Him during these difficult times, the world around us can see a God who cares and provides and then HE gets the glory.
We ALL walk in the spiritual darkness of the world, but Christ is our light! May God find us faithful each minute, each hour and each day.

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