When Kids FLY!

When Kids FLY!

“When kids fly, mothers sing!”  It’s finally here –  the day boarding school has closed and missionary kids are flying to surrounding countries where Dads and Moms are more than ready to see them again. Moms have been counting the days for a few weeks now. Twelve weeks is a long time for parents and their school-age children to be apart.

Although separation is a hard reality, in many ways the boarding school is an answer to prayer.  Kids can get a good education and be surrounded with others who understand what it’s like to be a third culture kid. But by the 10th week, weariness usually sets in and kids are really looking forward to a break!

Pray for these families during this holiday season, as they make the most of quality time together.  Pray for good memories and meaningful activities. Pray for clear communication about real-life issues and that enough love will be spread all around to last for the next 12-week-term. 

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