Reaching Out in Cape Town

Reaching Out in Cape Town
N C Baptist Church in Cape Town hired its first full-time Pastor at the beginning of this year.  They have been very actively surveying and working in the community to determine the real needs and to get to know the people.  Bible studies have begun.  Children and families have been encouraged to attend church.  Several people have come to know the Lord.  In these 10 months, the church pastor and elders have determined that the greatest need for the community, as stated by 45% of the people spoken with, is to assist the unemployed.  This team from the church has determined that the unemployed of their community come mostly from 14-30 year old.  They met with the Ronnie & Gail, to discuss how to reach this group and help them with their situation.  Mentoring, job-shadowing, camps, career counseling, Bible studies, and emergency assistance were a few ideas shared. 
Please be in prayer for the N C Baptist Church as they organize to reach these people for Christ and as they try to assist them in overcoming their greatest obstacle at this time, unemployment/poverty.  Please pray for all the Cape Town team members who work with them each week. 

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