Ostrich Farmers Need Prayer

Ostrich Farmers Need Prayer

Oudtshoorn (oats whoorn) is the ostrich capital of the world! And 75% of all ostriches in South Africa are found in the Western Cape.   More than 50,000 people are employed within the ostrich industry, but now the avian influenza (bird flu) is having a deadly effect on this vital economic sector.  Farms are losing thousands of ostriches and workers are finding themselves without an income.  The owners of a local ostrich egg decoupage’ business told us they are concerned about the shortage of eggs which will surely come.  The majority of ostrich meat is exported to Europe as are these beautiful ostrich eggs.  But now this, too, is in jeopardy. 

When asked how we could pray for this couple, the husband replied, “All I can say is thank You God for how You have provided for us so far.”  Pray for this family as they provide jobs for 19 men and women.  Pray God will bless them as they have a desire for their employees to know Jesus.  Pray for ostrich farmers and workers in theWestern Cape.  Pray that God will provide their needs and they will turn their hearts toward Him in the wake of this disaster.   Pray that the avian influenza will quickly come to an end. 

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