Howling Dogs & Hindus

Howling Dogs & Hindus

M writes –  “We’ve been praying to meet our neighbors. We see them all driving to and from work everyday, but we’ve not had an opportunity to meet them. I know they must wonder who we are, since we are the only “white” faces in the area. With no “natural” opportunities, we were beginning to wonder if we’d ever make contact.

One day, a neighbor’s dog was “howling like a banshee”. The howling was extremely loud and quite disturbing. On numerous occasions we wondered if the dog was dying. Wandering over to the yard to discover the cause of the howling, we were met by the house worker, who speaks no English – and of course we don’t understand her language.

Apparently she told the owners of our encounter, as soon afterwards the neighbor came over and introduced himself. He speaks English fairly well, and we have had him in our home several times since that first day. We’ve shared the Gospel with him and have discovered that he is a devout Hindu. We are praying daily for his salvation. We would ask that you also pray for him – his name is ‘Rit’.

God used a barking dog to answer our prayers!  We also know that He can answer our prayers for the eternal salvation of ‘Rit’ and his family.”

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