71 : 1

71 : 1

71:1 is the ratio of new believers in Christ to this term’s seminary class. NOT BAD!

Ronnie writes:  As the semester comes to a close at the Cape Town Baptist Seminary, I have begun receiving the “Evangelism Encounter” reports from the Contextualization course. It has been exciting to read their adventures in personal evangelism this semester. With a few students still to hand in the reports, I’ve read 160 encounters with 21 decisions for Christ. A further 10 decisions resulted from later follow-ups. In addition, each student participated in a church evangelistic outreach and provided a written reflection. Through these outreaches over 40 people came to know Jesus as savior. Thanks for your prayers throughout this semester for these students.

Continue to pray for the on-going follow up. Pray for the students and churches as they grow in commitment to reach their communities for Christ.                                            

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